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Formerly published by Editions Musicales Européennes, most Bernard Cavanna scores are currently available from Editions de l'Agité (associative structure). 


Other scores are the property of Universal Music Publishing / Paris (Ed. Salabert)


The scores on this website can be downloaded free of charge, or the paper version can be bought and shipped bound in A4, B4 or A3 depending on the work. 


The objective of the Editions de l'Agité is to print in number most of the rooms soloists, of chamber music and some works for orchestra.

For certain scores, the manufacturing will be made in the request.

Once this work has been completed, they will be added to the catalogue of Editions Henry Lemoine.


Orchestral material

All orchestral material will be bound by a specific contract with Editions de l'Agité. 

The request should be sent by e-mail to :


Aïda Golshin


or by post to : 

Editions de l'Agité, 16 rue du Transvaal, 75020 - PARIS

Editions de l’Agité




16 rue du Transvaal

75020 PARIS


Forme juridique: Association déclarée

Créée le 06-11-2013


SIREN  799 056 320

SIRET   799 056 320 00010

Code APE/NAF  5920Z/enregistrement sonore et édition musicale


N° ISMN suivant : 707080

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